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Investment Management

Our goal is to help you advance and protect what is most important to you and your family. Through our tactical and strategic approach to asset allocation and investment planning, we develop strategies designed with the goal of ensuring:

  • Income needs are met over time
  • Risk is managed in line with your goals and time horizon
  • Your portfolio continues to generate growth to outpace inflation

We identify your short- and long-term objectives, income needs, timelines and comfort with risk. We then work with you to create an investment portfolio customized to address your personal aspirations. We utilize a broad range of investment managers and strategies to help pursue your goals that may include:

  • Cash and money market funds
  • Municipal, treasury and corporate bonds
  • Domestic and international stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Fixed and variable annuities
  • Fee-based asset management

Our strategies are designed with the goal of capturing growth when the market is rising and protecting capital when the market is falling.

  • We strive for a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects of the economy, markets and instruments in which we invest.
  • Using technical analysis, we monitor metrics such as price, momentum and volume - which help to reveal entry and exit points.
  • Based on these proprietary tools, we employ a strict buy and sell discipline.
  • We closely monitor each portfolio and adjust your allocation mix as the market cycle evolves.
  • By monitoring market trends and adjusting your allocation accordingly, we can more effectively manage risk in today’s extreme market volatility.

No strategy ensures a profit or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.

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